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Simply Stones (The pictures)                                                                   
Some of our collection of pictures dedicated to the awesome ancient structures around the World of stone structures, most with forgotten meanings but most must have taken monumental amounts of hours to put together.

Avebury stones
solstice sunrise over Avebury
Avebury stones
Avebury Summer Solstice
Avebury (in Winter)
Simply Stones
Our stunning collection of hand picked, drilled stones, used either for their healing propertises, their looks, or maybe just because you like them! Which one are you drawn to? Each piece is gem grade.
Each stone is as individual as each one of us, whilst we show pictures here to give you the idea, there is no standard shape or size governing these. Chosen to be yours since before time itself, these stones will make wonderful companions.
If you wish to be informed more about the properties of these stones, please see our properties page.
If you are looking for a particular shape please feel free to email us and ask, as we will happily choose one that will work best for you. We can also cleanse and charge the stone so it's ready to use as soon as you recieve it.