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Crystal Massage Products                                        29.04.09

Crystal massage can be a wonderfully uplifting experience, working on a deeper esoteric level than traditional methods. The physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are relaxed and all inner stresses are brought gently to the surface and dissipate with ease.
The Joya Crystal Healing Massage Roller is made of wood, with a semi-precious gemstone sphere revolving at its centre. The combination of these elements of nature ensure that the sense of well being experienced is at one with those elements. The spheres are 31 mm in diameter and made specifically to fit both the Classic and the Mini Roller.
The Classic comes complete with a pouch and a suction pad for easy removal of the sphere. The Soap comes in a waterproof pouch and is scented with various essential oils, and the sphere, of course, will fit the Classic or the Mini, when the soap is finished. The Mini comes complete with a pouch and the sphere is easily removed by using the special base of the Roller. The compact size of the mini makes it ideal for travel. Colours and shades may vary slightly from the pictures as these are completely natural products.

Joya Massage Mini


Joya Massage Mini

New Jade

Joya Massage Soap

Please note -
Joya massage soap comes in a choice of scents and semi precious stones.
Lavender/Green Aventurine;  Rose Geranium/Howlite; Lemongrass/Red Jasper; Grapefruit/Jade; Grapefruit/Agate
Please state a 1st and second preference in the remarks field when ordering, as these are very popular right now.
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